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The main objective of the INTARSU project is to study the interactions between soil properties, microbial communities and planted trees in degraded ecosystems due to mining activities.

The four specific objectives are:

  • Effects of soil contamination on plants and microorganisms: this project aims to study plant and microbial communities responses to soil contamination, during the early years of tree growth.
  •  Effects of trees on soil underneath: this project aims to understand how different tree species modify soil properties over time, through leaf litter input and root exudates.
  • Analysis of feedback processes between tree-soil-microbes: this project aims to clarify the complex processes relating trees with abiotic (nutrients and trace elements) and biotic (microbial communities) soil properties.
  • Transfer and applications: this project aims to transfer the acquired knowledge to society, public organisations and private companies managing contaminated and remediated areas.
Central figure taken from Weemstra et al. 2016
Central figure taken from Weemstra et al. 2016

Project funded by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities

Code: CGL2017-82254-R
1 January 2018 – 31 December 2020
Research Centre: